How to Make the Most of Playing the Slots

One of the most favorite games to play at online casinos is the slots. Even those who favor the table games will often spend some time enjoying this form of gambling. It is true that any kind of gambling comes down to luck. However, there are several things that can be done when playing the slots to make your dollars go further.

Low Bet Slots

Starting with the low bet slots is one way to stretch your gambling dollars. It is true that the payouts are not as high, but they are still substantial. What some people do is take their winnings from the low paying slots and use those on the higher bet ones. This way, they are not playing with their own money but from their winnings. If they happen to strike it lucky when doing this, then they are way ahead of the game. At the very least, it gives them a chance to try these higher-paying games. They can always return to the one-cent or two-cent games if they have not done well with trying the higher paid ones.

Return to Player

Something else that is important is to know the RTP Return to player, which is how much a particular slot will pay out based on what it takes in. You want to play those that have higher RTPs.

Slots With Features

Another way to make the most of your money when playing the slots is to look for those that have additional features. Slot games come with a variety of different features. One type that gives great value is those that have the free spins feature. This means if you land on the right symbols, you will be allotted a specified number of free spins. Not only are you then playing for free, but you also have a chance to rack up some good winnings.