Poker School.

Online Poker School - Poker Tournament Strategy.

Welcome to our pokerschool, dedicated tournament players.

The idea of this pokerschool is to make the games as simple as possible.
Many pokerscools are having a main focus on the probability of winning a hand, and calculating

We believe that this will remove the focus on what really matters: Your opponents behavior.

Based on this philosophy,  we will help you making the right decisions based on a given
situation instead of constantly calculating pot-odds, but will off-course look at your card value
from a more simplified angle.

We will focus on how to optimize your chances of winning in Sit & Go as well as Multi-table
The pokerschool will be based on different lessons.
These lessons will start up with the basics such as hand values, rules & hole cards.
As we develop our lessons we will get more advanced and finally we will discuss dfferent
scenarios, with the vision of making this poker school, the best poker school for beginners and
make the players equipped to get on the own in the different online poker tournaments.
If  you don't like this concept we have recommended some of the other online poker schools, in
the adds to the left.

We can't win for you!
No matter what, don't believe anyone saying they can.

Even though we think we can teach you how to improve your pokerskills, we can't win the games for you.

And even if you are the best player in the Universe, you can loose to the first time rookie, no matter what you
can't win all the games you're playing.

With this said, what's the purpose of this pokerschool.

What we think is essential for our pokerschool is to:
- Minimizing you odds for being caught by lucky golddiggers.
- Learning you when to take the correct chances, and accepting them so you always will be aware off the     
chance of loosing.
- What might be the most important statement:
Never fear loosing, but don't be stupid either.

With this in mind we hope you will find out lessons worth reading, and keep coming back for new lessons as
they are wriiten.